Affiliated Conferences

Below is a list of past regional conferences affiliated with the ESW.

YearLocation Chair
2019San Jose, Costa RicaGerman Moya
2018Edson MartinhoEdson Martinho
2017Edson MartinhoEdson Martinho
2015Rio de Janeiro/RJ -BrazilEdson Martinho
2014Pune, IndiaSatish Chaparala
2013Recif - BrazilLuiz K. Tomiyoshi
2012Hyderabad, IndiaSatish Chaparala
2011Sao Paulo, BrazilMario Ogava, Schindler; Daniela Leal, DuPont
2009Blumenau, BrazilFernando Bernardes, Areva; Luiz Tomiyoshi, DuPont
2007Rio de Janiero, BrazilRicardo Mattos, Petrobras; Luiz Tomiyoshi, DuPont
2005Sao Paulo, BrazilEstelitto Rangel, Jr., Petrobras; Luiz Tomiyoshi, DuPont
2003Guararema, BrazilEstelitto Rangel, Jr., Petrobras; Luiz Tomiyoshi, DuPont
2002Bombay, IndiaSatish Chaparala
2000New Delhi, IndiaSatish Chaparala; Shahid Jamil, Exxon
1998Madras, IndiaSatish Chaparala; Shahid Jamil, Exxon

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